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Yayy my Swap Box came in!!

So excited you guys!! My care package came and it is amazing! My Disney loving heart is so happy. My awesome swap partner got me a Belle POP, the Hot Topic Exclusive Belle Dorbz, the Beast PSH, and a Harry Potter pen! 

Beyond happy with these amazing picks!!
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Life Update

So hello if you’ve found this blog! I’m super sorry that I haven’t updated in quite a while. I’ve slowed down on my Funko purchasing because I was spending a bit too much money lately which I didn’t want to continue doing. Saying that I am expecting a package today from my Funko swap buddy so be on the lookout for that unboxing post. Also I did go to Epcot last week and did bring Yondu and Baymax with me but I got so caught up in my day that I didn’t take a lot of pictures with them. So tomorrow when I go to Magic Kingdom I will be taking my Flying Peter Pan and Donald Duck POP’s and will for sure be taking some pictures of them. Expect a long post about those! Also I will be continuing my review series, I’m also about to go out of town for about a month visiting my family. I’m going to try and get a few review’s lined up and I’m planning on taking my Pint Sized Hero Mickey with me so he will be going on some fun adventures! Anyways thank you for anyone that has stumbled upon this blog lately I appreciate you and look forward to continuing my Funko journey with all of you!

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I’ve failed at posting this week!

This past week was very busy for me with the end of the school year upon me. I had to pack up my classroom and move next door so I spent many nights very tired upon my return home from work. In good news though my last two packages I’ve been expecting from Ebay came this past week and brought me three new goodies!! And two of them are from my list I created a little bit ago of POP’s I’d never thought I would have! I somehow found both of them OOB and got them both for below PPG price so I was one happy camper! Take a look at my newest additions Mike Wazowski, Anna, and Sully!

Mike, Anna, and Sully are happy to join the family!