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A very Belated POP & Dorbz Update!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately everyone! I haven’t even been busy I’ve just been lazy and hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures of my newest POP’s and Dorbz! So without further ado here’s my update below the cut! Continue reading “A very Belated POP & Dorbz Update!”

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In Which Donald Duck and Peter Pan Visit the Magic Kingdom

Okay…I know I promised this post a really long time ago and I just never got around to writing it. I went to Magic Kingdom with Donald Duck and Peter Pan back three weeks ago now and I just haven’t taken the time to really sit down and write what happened during the day. So follow along with the adventure below the cut! Continue reading “In Which Donald Duck and Peter Pan Visit the Magic Kingdom”

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A mini Funko hunt out of state!

So I’m visiting my brother for a few days and went on a little hunt. I wanted to find Darkwing Duck but sadly could not. What I did find was even better though! I went only to one store and it’s a local comic shop that I’ve been to before here. And there I found the Jasmine POPand the Specialty Series Jiminy Cricket Dorbz!!! I was super excited to get them both because I never thought I’d see them in stores!

Jasmine and Jiminy enjoying the outdoors
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Yayy my Swap Box came in!!

So excited you guys!! My care package came and it is amazing! My Disney loving heart is so happy. My awesome swap partner got me a Belle POP, the Hot Topic Exclusive Belle Dorbz, the Beast PSH, and a Harry Potter pen! 

Beyond happy with these amazing picks!!