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Why I Display Out of the Box

You’re probably wondering why do I display my POP’s and Dorbz out of the boxes? Don’t I want to keep them in mint condition? Don’t I want my figures to keep their value so one day down the line they can be worth something? Well find out in the read more why I decided to be out of the box originally and why I’m going to continue.

Why did I originally start out as an out of the boxer? The simple answer is that the very first POP that I ever bought came in a box that was falling apart already. You might ask why I bought it in the first place if the box was trashed. This is because I honestly didn’t know that the POP collection culture existed. So when I got home I unboxed my POP and placed it on my window sill.

That was back in October of 2014 and I didn’t get another POP until the summer of 2015. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2016 that I started to buy a lot of POP’s. Then I really only learned about the culture of POP collecting the past month and a half and I had already unboxed all the POP’s I’d bought up until that point.

Now why am I going to continue being out of the box? Simply because I like displaying them that way. I also want to think of new and exciting ways to organize and display them because I’ve run out of window sill space! Sure I know that a lot of people like to keep their POP’s or Dorbz in the box so they stay valuable but I’m not in this to make money. I’m collecting because I like to have a piece of stuff that I love. So while most collectors like to keep their POP’s in the box I’m going to keep mine out of the box and you can follow along as I expand my collection one POP or Dorb at a time.




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