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An FYE Hunt!

Decided to get my hunt on at the FYE near my parents house where I’ve been visiting for the past week read on for my mini adventure!

I don’t have an FYE near where I live so I was excited to have a new place to explore for POPs that I hadn’t been to in a while. Trust me when I say I’ve logged many any hour scouring TV DVD sets there during my High School and College Days with friends and on my own but never for POP hunting which is a new past time. I’d been in once before in December since I really started the Hunt so I knew a bit of what to expect.

The POP’s were spread out in four different large clumps in the store plus there were some displays that had small amounts of POP’s for different genre’s (Harry Potter, Music, Star Wars, etc). I won’t lie I felt a little awkward because I was the only one in there at that time and I didn’t want to ruin all of there big table stacked displays so I probably missed some really cool ones that were buried deep but oh well.

Anyways FYE had what I believe is there usual buy 2 get 1 75% off deal so I was excited about that even if my wallet wasn’t. To start off I just looked at each display before finding Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon which I was super excited about because I passed up on him a few months ago and haven’t seen him since.

After that I ended up finding Mike from Stranger Things, Nemo, Black Widow, and Queenie Goldstein which are all POPs that I’ve wanted for a while. Considering that I also know that I had a handful of POPs that I ordered this week from Amazon while I was away that I shouldn’t buy all of them. So I ended up leaving Black Widow because odds are that they will release another POP for her when Infinity Wars premieres in a few years. Then I also left Queenie because I know that my Books-a-Million at home has a whole Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter section of POPs. Which means I ended up buying Mike and Nemo! So ends my adventure!

And here they are in their unboxed glory!




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