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POP! Rapunzel Goes on an Adventure!

Yesterday I met up with some friends at Magic Kingdom and since I was going to be by myself for a few hours I brought my dancing Rapunzel POP! along with me. Continue for our adventure.

To start Rapunzel and I decided to go and meet Rapunzel at Fairytale Princess Hall. I’m a huge Rapunzel fan and while I met her once last June this was going to be my second time doing so and I was excited! When I walked up I had POP! Rapunzel in my hand and she was very sweet and asked what it was and was so excited to see it was her but wondered where her mouth was. She even asked if I had a little figure of myself and when I said no she told me she would make me one.


After meeting Rapunzel we wondered on over to where they have a mini Rapunzel area (they’re actually bathrooms but it’s an awesome little area with seating as well). Since I was there at park open there weren’t many people around so I took quite a few pictures trying to get the perfect shot.

Afterwards we went wondering around and found a nice quiet little alcove by Cinderella’s castle with her wishing well and took a few photos there.

Finally we completed our adventure together by taking a few pictures in front of the castle alone and together.

Soon after my friends joined me for the rest of our very magical and fun day at the Magic Kingdom so POP! Rapunzel stayed in my backpack to ride the rides with me. But she did come out one more time for one last shot of the castle in the afternoon.

rapunzel castle one
Last shot of the castle for the day.

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