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A Post-Work POP! Hunt

After another fantastic week of teaching, which also included the last parent teacher conference night for the year, I decided to reward myself with a small POP! hunt which turned into a larger than expected haul.

First I went to my normal mall even though there is a much larger mall closer to the school I work at mainly due to the fact that it’s familiar to me.  I first hit up the Hot Topic to try and find the Hot Topic Exclusive Groot and see if they still had the exclusive Kingdom Hearts Donald Duck. Unfortunately they did not have the Exclusive Groot but they did have Donald Duck so I was very excited about that! While they did have a whole bunch of the regular Groot I love the outfit that the Exclusive Groot is wearing so decided to leave him be.

Donald Duck
Hot Topic Exclusive Kingdom Hearts Donald Duck

Now I was also looking for Rocket because I think that the base with the flames is amazing and Hot Topic pulled through once again! Then because it’s 3 for 30 I looked to find another POP! I’d want and even though I wasn’t planning on picking up Gamora once I saw her I had to have her because she looks AWESOME! So with my three in hand I went to check out and I did ask the employee if they had any of the HT Groot left and she said they didn’t but were hopefully going to get a shipment in soon. Then we had a chat about Donald Duck because I lamented the fact that I missed out on the original and so didn’t she. Then she mentioned she would love Mickey and Minnie and I let her know that Amazon had a two pack for less than $30 so she was excited to hear that so it was awesome being able to share my POP! knowledge with someone since that’s how I got my Mickey and Minnie! Thus ended my adventure at Hot Topic before moving on to Box Lunch!

GOTG Vol. 2 Gamora love the silver details on her face!


GOTG Vol. 2 Rocket dying over base made out of flames ❤ ❤


I know not many people have a Box Lunch near them but I love love love this store so much! For one every single time you spend $10 you provide a meal for somebody and I think that’s fantastic! Quite honestly I just wanted to go in because they had a pair of earrings that I really wanted not intending to buy any POPs! but of course I ended up buying more POPs! Something that was quite interesting though was that they had about six original Stitch POPs from Series 1, since I’m pretty sure that it’s vaulted but I might be wrong. I didn’t end up buying him because I really have my sights set on Seated Stitch and since he’s not one of my big Disney favorites I only want one version.

I was apparently in a Guardian’s of the Galaxy mood because I picked up Star Lord to join Rocket and Gamora. Then I just had to get the Chip & Dale Kingdom Hearts 2-Pack because I love those silly chipmunks and am so happy they’re FINALLY in POP form. After that I did go in Books-A-Million but didn’t end up purchasing anything. Then Target ended up having the Civil War Iron Man Dorbz when I went in to buy more socks so in my basket he went. That was my last stop of the day so overall I’m very very pleased with my haul!

Chip & Dale
Kingdom Hearts Chip & Dale, the detail on their outfits is awesome especially the Mickey logos!
Star Lord
GOTG Vol. 2 Star Lord his slightly different leveled eyebrows are a fantastic touch!
Iron Man Dorb
Civil War Iron Man Dorbz, very cool how detailed his suit is on such a small body.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment or a question if you’d like!


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