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How I Got Into Collecting POP’s

So today I don’t have a hunt or a new gallery to upload but I do have my personal story of how I got into collecting POP’s and the story starts with a Time Traveling DeLorean.

Ever since I saw the Back to the Future Trilogy I have absolutely loved everything to do with those movies. Sadly there used to not be that much merchandise that had to do with the movie besides the DVD’s and a few T-Shirts that I had seen. One day I saw a replica model of the DeLorean at FYE for $50 and I didn’t have the money at the time because I was about to move and needed to save but I wanted it so badly. Fast forward a few months and my roommate and I were in Barnes and Noble and there it was, the POP Ride of Marty and his DeLorean. This was back in 2014. Marty and his DeLorean became my first ever POP product and my only one for quite a while.

The next POP that I purchased was Rapunzel in October of 2015! As you can see it took my a while to really get my collecting going. I ended up getting the new Woody and Buzz as well as Katniss Everdeen in December and since then I’ve picked up more POPs here and there. I would say that I really got into collecting POP’s though over the past five or so months. Then I probably didn’t have any epiphany of oh wow this is something that people are big into until the beginning of February this year. Don’t ask me what took so long but after that I started watching youtube videos about POP’s and eventually found the funkofunatic boards about two weeks ago. Now I’m in it for the long haul and I’m excited to see where my journey in Funkoland will take me.




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