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My Top Ten Favorite POP’s (4/1/17)

The title says it all! After seeing a few different posts about favorite POP’s on the FunkoFunatic boards (which if you’re a POP/Funko fan go join everyone there is super nice!) I decided to write a post about my top 10 favorite POP’s as of today! This list will probably change over time so be on the lookout for future installments. I might even do genre specific Top 10 or 5 lists in the future. Continue reading for my Top 10!

Marty and DeLorean
Marty McFly and his DeLorean (BTTF Trilogy)

10. My very first POP is in the number 10 spot, the DeLorean with Marty! This one will always be in my top 10 just for the fact it was my first POP and it’s from one of my all time favorite franchises. I think that Funko did a fantastic job for their first ever Ride and the detail is fantastic as well.

Luna Lovegood

9. Luna Lovegood takes the number 9 spot! She was the first Harry Potter POP I ever bought and I love all the little details especially the Radish Earrings! The fact that Funko gave her such a lovely little character detail is fantastic and makes her one of my all time favorite POP’s.

Newt & Pickett
Hot Topic Exclusive Newt Scamander and Pickett

8. Keeping with the J.K. Rowling theme is Newt Scamander with Pickett! Newt is such a fantastic character and all of his interactions with Pickett in the movie were lovely. So when I saw them in POP form together I knew I had to have them!

Strawberry Shortcake & Custard
Strawberry Shortcake and Custard

7. Strawberry Shortcake and Custard fill the number seven slot. This one (and the next) are nostalgic for me. I grew up and reading Strawberry Shortcake books and renting Strawberry Shortcake VHS tapes from the local video store. I also love that they included the freckles on her face and that she is scented is pretty awesome!

Sailor Moon & Luna
Sailor Moon and Luna

6. Sailor Moon and Luna are my number six spot holders! I was OBSESSED with Sailor Moon as a kid. I had a couple of the movies on VHS and watched them over and over again. I also had the dolls that were released, except for Sailor Moon because I kept losing her. I swear I won’t lose my Sailor Moon POP though!

Now bring on the TOP FIVE BABY:

Buzz Lightyear

5. My fourth ever POP was this little guy! Buzz and the rest of the Toy Story gang are some of my favorite Disney characters of all time. I’m a huge Disney fan and I love the 25th Anniversary version of Buzz. His helmet and eyebrows are big sellers for me and I love the action pose with his arm.

Dancing Rapunzel
Dancing Rapunzel

4. Dancing Rapunzel, she is my favorite Disney Princess and while I love her original POP with Pascal the Dancing version is a tad bit better in my opinion. Mainly due to the flowers in her hair with the braid. That is one of my favorite scenes in the movie and I think her hair looks so beautiful with the flowers in it.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan

3. My Grail piece! Peter Pan is my favorite Disney character hands down since I was a little kid. I was super upset when I found out that he was already vaulted and that he was super expensive. My collection was not complete without him though so I shelled out some big $$$ for him as a treat to myself.

Rocket (GOTG Vol. 2)

2. While Rocket is not my favorite character on this list his POP for VOL. 2 is freaking amazing. I can’t wax poetic enough about how much I love the flame base. I think that Funko had such a fun idea here and have really taken this POP to another level just with that small detail.


WWII Captain America ECCC Exclusive
Captain America ECCC Exclusive (The First Avenger)
  1. My number one favorite POP as of right now is the Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Captain America. The details on him are so fantastic, from the scratches on his shield to the goggles on his helmet I love every single inch of him. I think that Funko did a fantastic job with his design and really hope that with how popular this POP was that they consider doing a line for the First Avenger film. My Cap needs a WWII Bucky to join him!

So there you have it! My Top 10 favorite POP’s right now. Just outside of the Top 10 are the Kingdom Hearts Chip & Dale, Eleven with Eggos, Piglet, Roo, & Blue Eeyore. Hope you have a wonderful day…I know I will!


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