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Disney Collection has Grown by Two!

A quick collection update for you today! I got home from work and the two POP’s I ordered last week from Amazon had come in earlier than I expected which was a very welcome surprise. Those two POP’s were the seated version of Stitch which I find to be the cutest version of him by far and the SDCC version of Joy with the glitter hair! I don’t know how often most people buy POP’s from Amazon but I do it frequently when I know it’s not retired and I haven’t seen it in the stores in a while. I have yet to have a damaged box and unless the POP was itself ruined as well I obviously wouldn’t care if the box was damaged. I will be updating the galleries soon I have another pair coming from the Funko Shop that I’m excited about so once those come in I’ll have the “official” pictures up in the galleries for you all. Until then here’s a picture of Joy and Stitch hanging with my computer:

Joy and Stitch
SDCC Joy and Seated Stitch hanging with my computer 🙂

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