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A BoxLunch/Books-A-Million Hunt

Last Saturday (4/8/17) I went on a POP Hunt with the mission to use my two birthday coupons from Box Lunch and Hot Topic. Read on to find out what happened!

Like most hunts when I go to the mall I started in Hot Topic. This time with the sole purpose to try and once again find the Hot Topic Exclusive Groot from Vol. 2 of Guardian’s of the Galaxy. Unfortunately I was unable to find him, I would have looked a little longer but there was a group of maybe 10 teenagers just screaming and yelling and being well, teenagers so I was getting annoyed. Which I know is funny coming from someone who works with 9-10 year old’s but if you’re a teacher you know that the weekends is when you get a break from being a teacher. I wanted to use my teacher voice on these kids so bad it’s not even funny (which would’ve been funny considering I still look like I’m 16 instead of my actual age of 26).

Anyways I also wanted to ask about when they expected that the Flying Peter Pan would start hitting the stores but it was hectic despite the overly enthusiastic teenagers so I just decided to cut my losses and move along. So then my next stop was Box Lunch!

I’ve said before that I love Box Lunch and it grows every time that I go into that store! I guess they were having a deal where if you bought this basket you would get 25% off whatever was in it, not including POP’s. They had a Peter Pan shirt that I had seen online so I ended up grabbing that and I found a Hiro Hamada Dorbz! I was super excited to find him so that he could join my Armored Baymax and thankfully Dorbz weren’t excluded from the discount so that was awesome.

Now you’re wondering what about the POPs? I did end up finding three POP’s that I wanted, the original Ariel as a mermaid, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter. I decided to use a coupon I had received for them where if I spend $40 I get $10 off. The three POP’s didn’t add up to $40 so I had to go back to try and find another POP I wanted and low and behold allllll the wayyyy at the top of the shelf of POP’s was Sailor Venus with Artemis! I asked an employee to grab her for me and ended up paying only $28 for four POPs! Now in my book that’s an awesome deal.

After I left Box Lunch I walked down to Books-A-Million because I knew they had Sailor Mercury and I wanted to finish off the Sailor Moon POP line. While I was in there I wanted to also look for Bubbles from the Power Puff girls but they didn’t have her only Blossom and Buttercup who I decided to leave for now. I didn’t pick up any other POP’s and so ended my adventure of another Funko POP Hunt!


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