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My Disney Treasures: Pirates Cove Box Finally Arrived!

So excited because today I FINALLY received my Disney Treasures box!! This is my first ever subscription box and I LOVE IT!! Spoilers follow in the read more!

First off I’ve been intrigued by sub boxes for a little bit now and then when I heard that Disney and Funko were teaming up to create a new sub box I knew that I had to get it! Especially when I saw that the first POP was going to be Smee from Peter Pan which is one of my all time favorite movies. I know that a lot of people weren’t too excited about the fact that the first exclusive POP in the box was going to be Smee when I guess the other three boxes that Funko has had much more exciting POP’s in the first box but I definitely was.

I took a lot of pictures of this box so I will be putting a slideshow in at the end of this to show everything but I will post pictures of the big three items here. Now the second item to be revealed was a Wicked Wench Dorbz ride from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that can be found at pretty much every Disney park on earth. This is a really awesome collectible and the pirate ship and his captain are adorable.

The Captain and his ship the Wicked Wench

Now for the aforementioned Smee POP! I adore every single inch of this little guy. From the detail of his forehead wrinkle down to his too small shirt. I think that Funko did a fantastic job on this POP and I can’t wait to have him next to my Tinkerbell and Peter Pan!

Mr. Smee he wishes his buddy Captain Hook was here too

The last vinyl figure that came in this first box also came in this awesome little tin that has scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Also according to a letter that came in the box these little tins are going to be Disney Treasures exclusives so I’m looking forward to collecting each of these as well. Now this last figure was not pre-teased and it was a mini figure of Captain Jack Sparrow! He is super detailed for a Mystery Mini size figure. I only have one other Mystery Mini and that’s a Peter Pan so I don’t know if other Mystery Mini’s are just as detailed. My favorite part about Captain Jack would be the fact that he’s pigeon toed! I think that that is such a fun little detail to add in to make this even more special.

Captain Jack Sparrow he wishes he had some rum

The box also came with a patch with a POPified Captain Hook face, a Mickey pin, and an extra pin that I received for being a Pioneer, or founding, member of the box and went all in for the whole year. There was also a cool fold out that lists each item and tells us where we are going next and that is to the Festival of Friends! If you’d like to see the rest of the pictures I took then click through the slideshow below and stay tuned for more subscription boxes coming soon!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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