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POP Photo Fun!

Tonight I decided to take a few pictures of some of my POP’s with art or poster that depicts them. Below that cut are those pictures I hope you enjoy them!

The first one that I decided to take a picture of was my WW2 Captain America with this awesome piece of art that I bought at Books-A-Million about a month ago and finally got around to hanging up.

Captain America with Poster
WW2 Captain America & different shields.

I love this piece of art so much it’s not even funny. I think that it is super creative how they’ve taken all these different variations of his shield and brought them all together. Plus if you’ve read my Top 10 POP list you know that this guy right here is my number 1 favorite POP at the moment.

Next up is Tinkerbell and her piece of art!

Tink with Poster
Tinkerbell & Cinderella’s Castle

This was the first piece of work that you’ll see that I bought for my new apartment when I moved a few years ago. I love this view of Cinderella’s castle and the homage as well to Tinkerbell taking her flight from the castle as part of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. It also has my second favorite quote from Peter Pan on it “all you need is faith, trust, ….and a little bit of pixie dust”! Tinkerbell is also one of my favorite Disney characters from one of my all time favorite movies!

Which leads me onto Peter Pan himself!

Peter Pan poster
Peter Pan with his animated self while the Lost Boys get scolded for shooting down the “Wendy Bird”.

I have wanted a piece of art from this movie for a very long time. I actually ordered a print of the iconic flying scene from the Disney Art store at Disney Springs and was very upset with the poor quality that I received and never got it framed or mounted like I wanted too. About six months ago I finally was able to purchase this when I was at Epcot and I fell in love with this piece of art. I also purchased another piece of art that day from the same collection which is coming right on up….

That is a print of Rapunzel & Pascal dreaming of the beautiful lights!

Rapunzel with Poster
Rapunzel & Pascal are dreaming of getting to see the beautiful lanterns someday soon!

Ever since I saw Tangled for the first time three years ago I have loved Rapunzel’s enthusiasm for life. So when I saw this art print at the Disney Art Store I snatched it up because of how much I adored it. Of course it would be great if it had Eugene in it as well but I think that it is a fantastic addition to my little art collection I’ve been building. Then we come to my last piece which I just purchased a week ago!

A poster of the first Back to the Future movie promo poster!

Marty and Poster
Marty and the DeLorean are having deja vu right now!

I have loved this movie for I don’t know how long now. I was so fascinated with it from the very first moments with the ticking of Doc Browns many clocks. Last week when I was at Universal Studios I saw this mini poster and I couldn’t control myself. I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over again but I love this movie poster so much and am very happy to to reunite Marty and his DeLorean with their photographic selves!

Thus ends my mini POP and photography journey 🙂



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