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Woody and Buzz Go on an Adventure!

Saturday my roommate/best friend and I went to Hollywood Studios and our friends Woody and Buzz came along for the day! Click to see our adventures!

So to start off we made our way immediately to Toy Story Midway Mania because Woody and Buzz were super excited to ride their favorite ride.

They loved being able to have a photoshoot in Andy’s room especially when they both found a likeness of themselves! Here’s a slideshow of what went down in the line queue.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wanted to take some pictures once you get into the loading area since it looks exactly like Andy’s room in the movies with the cloud wallpaper but the line was moving pretty quickly so I didn’t want to annoy anybody.

Once we got off of Toy Story Midway Mania we went across the way to where Woody and Buzz could be reunited with their life size counterparts! If you’ve never been to the Pixar Character Spot at Hollywood Studios where you can meet Woody and Buzz in the line are a whole bunch of areas that you can take photos in while you wait in line. So of course I took full advantage of this and bestow you with another slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally it was time to meet Woody and Buzz! I was probably a little to excited to show off POP Buzz to his life-sized counter part as evidenced below, but I had a great interaction with him. He took POP Buzz and examined him for a little bit and was very happy with my outfit also! Woody was excited to see his POP counterpart as well but was disappointed that my roommate was dressed in a Woody outfit. Overall though we had a great time taking pictures with them so here’s all six of us and me geeking out showing POP! Buzz to life-sized Buzz!

Thus ended POP Woody and POP Buzz’s adventures for the day. Andy was around after that so they had to stay in my backpack for the rest of our visit. Hope you enjoyed another round of POP Adventures!


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