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10 POP’s I Would Love to Own but Probably Never Will

So today’s post is a little bit different. I figured I would write a post counting down 10 POP’s that I would love to own but due to pricing probably never will. The only way I would is if there’s a kind hearted Funatic out there or I decide to really splurge. If you’d like to read about these POP’s click the read more and join me :).

  1. The first POP on my list is The Green Alien from Toy Story. Currently he’s worth $70 according to POP price guide but no one ever really follows that. I adore Toy Story with all of my heart and those little Green Aliens are my favorite characters in the whole movie. So it stinks that I missed out on them!linebreak
  2. Sticking with the Toy Story theme I would love to also have Jessie in my collection. Her worth is a little bit lower at $60 but still I doubt I’ll find her anywhere for around that price. linebreak
  3. Next up feeds my Red Sox loving heart and that is Wally the Green Monster. I have grown up a Red Sox fan and have really started to love them more and more as I’ve gotten older. Now while his worth is only $36 (I say only because I just spent $40 on the Dino with Flintmobile and that was straight from the Funko-Shop) I have yet to see him for around that price.  linebreak
  4. Speaking of the Flintmobile next is Barney Rubble because if you can’t tell I do love the Flintstones! I grew up watching them on Boomerang back when it was still part of Cartoon Network and loved it. I also would catch the live action movie a lot on TV and loved that as well. Currently his worth is estimated to be around $46.linebreak
  5. Number five slot goes of course to Fred Flintstone who is currently worth just shy of a hundred dollars more than Barney at $140! I haven’t even ventured looking at him anywhere because I’m sure that that price is crazy higher. But it would be nice to have him and Barney to round out the Flintstone crew, especially if we get a Wilma and Betty at some point! linebreak
  6. I’m going back to my Disney theme and next up is Boo from Monster’s Inc. because I mean c’mon it’s Boo! I won’t lie, I’ll probably get her Dorbz figure from Amazon very soon to sooth my soul but I wish I could have the POP as well. But with an estimated worth of $115 that’s probably not going to happen. linebreak
  7. If I want Boo of course I want Sulley! He’s an estimated worth of $65 if we aren’t getting into any of the Flocked or Large versions. Which those POP’s are cool but I’m good with the regular size. linebreak
  8. Last but not least of the Monster’s Inc trio is of course Mike Wazowski who I love even more than I did before because of Monster’s Inc. Laugh In at Magic Kingdom. Which I highly recommend you go and watch because I die laughing every single time that I watch it! He’s currently hovering around the $60 mark as well. linebreak
  9. I can’t complete this list without having the Genie on it! With an estimated worth of $160 for the normal non-metallic version I doubt I will ever have him in my collection. I am super excited about his soon to be released Dorbz figure though! linebreak
  10. Lastly is the most expensive item on this list and that’s Tigger! I love Winnie-The-Pooh so much and Tigger has always been on of my favorite characters. With a current worth of $210 dollars though that’s a bit too much for me! I’m just hoping with the success of the new line that they’ll have a Wave 2 that we’ll get a Tigger in along with Kanga, Rabbit, Owl, & Christoper Robin!

So that’s it folks! I hope that if you read this I didn’t come off as whiny, I just figured I would share some of my grail type pieces and why I would love to have them!


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