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Another Friday Mini Hunt

Since Hot Cash and Box Lunch Money were ending this weekend I decided to go on a little post work hunt to see what I could find. Follow along under the cut!

I started my adventure at Barnes & Noble mainly because even though I figured it was a long shot I wanted to see if they had the Harry Potter with Sorting Hat as well as pick up some Who is/was books for my classroom library. They did not have Harry but what they did have was the Flocked Thing 1 and Thing 2 Dorbz two pack! I’m not the biggest fan of flocked stuff but I rarely find Dorbz in the wild, especially ones I want so I figured I may as well get them. Plus because they’re books oriented I got some money off with my Educator Discount card! I also bought my first ever Pint Sized Hero and got Peter Quill aka Star Lord. He won’t be pictured below like I usually do because I ended up getting more PSH’s later on which I will get too soon.

Barnes & Noble Exclusive Thing 1 & Thing 2
Barnes & Noble Exclusive Flocked Thing 1 and Thing 2

After Barnes and Noble I made my way into Hot Topic and even though Peter Pan has yet to fly into my store I did strike up a nice conversation with one of the employees. He was also using some down time at the store to search through the POP wall to find a POP for his friend and we talked all about different POP’s we like. It was an awesome conversation and he let me know I could get my name on a list for when Peter Pan gets in and they’ll hold one for me so I’m super excited about that! I ended up getting the Hot Topic Exclusive Dancing Ariel and a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt (not pictured) so I could use my Hot Cash.

HT Glitter Dancing Ariel
Hot Topic Glitter Dancing Ariel looking very pretty indeed

Next up was Box Lunch where I ended up not buying any POPs or Dorbz although I did almost buy a Deadpool POP but ended up not getting it. I bought a cute Groot shirt and then a set of the Harry Potter collapsible storage cubes with the house crests on them. Which actually was a practical move since I use those in my closet to organize clothes! So now my closet is going to be Harry Potter-fied which is awesome!

After Box Lunch I went to Books-A-Million to try and find the Bubbles POP because that’s the only place I’ve ever seen her. Sadly she was not there so I might just end up getting her off of Amazon if she’s still not there the next time I go out. I almost bought Blossom and Buttercup until I freaked out and saw that they had the DISNEY PINT SIZE HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally spent a good I wanna say 10 minutes feeling each bag to try and find the antenna that the Green Alien has on his head and finally found him. I then grabbed three other random bags and ended up also getting Buzz & Zurg in two of the bags and King Louie from the Jungle Book in the other. I was super excited to get all three of the Toy Story ones in one go! So here are my first five PSH’s below!

Pint Size Heroes Haul 1
Left-Right: Star Lord, King Louie, Emperor Zurg, Buzz Lightyear, and Green Alien!

Thus ended my mini hunt day! Which I came away with some pretty cool finds!


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