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POP Review: Flying Peter Pan

So I decided to do something a little bit different today and that was to write up my first ever POP review! I’m going to try and write a review once a week with pictures to talk about what I like, love, and possibly something that I dislike about a Funko product that I own. Continue after the cut for my first review!

So first off I do want to say that these will not be any sort of area where I will be bashing Funko or their products 98% of these posts will be me expressing what I love and adore about each figure that I write about. This will be an honest review though and if there’s something about the figure I would change then I’ll say it but that will be a minuscule percentage of the time. Now with that out of the way let’s get started!

The reason that I decided to start with the Hot Topic Exclusive Peter Pan is because I adore this character. Peter Pan has been one of my favorite Disney characters since I was a little kid and even though he is quite problematic I love him dearly anyways. To start off let’s take a look at Peter from the front.


To start off I think that Funko did a fantastic job with this POP. He might be very simple in design costume wise but the mold of this is gorgeous. I love the new action poses that have started to come out and this one is fantastic. When it comes to clothing details I really enjoy how the mold includes the little wrinkle/roll of his shirt to show that it’s a little bit bunched up from how he is posed. Its such a small detail that could’ve been left out and no one would’ve complained about it but instead it was included and I think it adds to the charm of this POP. As for his face and hair the mold is pretty much the same as the original just with a slightly different hair color and the addition of eyebrows which is nice to have as well.

Now we are going to get a top side view of his feather and the glitter stand:


The detail on the red feather is a great touch, yes it is kept the same from the Original POP but I still think that the fact that Funko molded it that way is still fantastic. I don’t know what goes into making POP’s, how they’re molded or anything like that. But I feel like having a small detail of etching on the feather is something that’s such a small detail that other companies might not have done. Now for the clear glitter stand I think that the fact that they made it with glitter is so whimsical and true to the story of Peter Pan. They could’ve easily made it a normal clear stand but instead because he uses Pixie Dust to help him fly they made it sparkly! Fantastic job on Funko’s part! Also yes a little paint blemish on his ear but really I didn’t notice it until I took this picture!

Next up is the backside view:


I love, love, love how you can tell even better from this angle how his legs are at different heights here. I can’t wax poetic enough about this mold and how even the positioning of his legs makes this POP dynamic for me. It’s not seen very well here but his arms are also at slightly different angles so when combined with his legs makes his torso look like it’s twisted mid flight which I think is great. I feel like I’ve repeated myself a million and two times but this is my first review so hopefully as I get more used to this I will get better if this is horrible haha!

Last is another top side view of his hat:


First off BOTH SIDES OF THE FEATHER ARE DETAILED HOW FANTASTIC?!?!?! Sorry I got really excited because I just noticed that!!! I love his little green hat so much here. How it has the little folds and the tip flops over. I know it’s the same with the original and I love that one too but still gosh I love this POP!

So overall I think that this is a wonderful POP and that any Disney fan that loves Peter Pan needs to have this in their collection. Especially if they missed out on the first Peter Pan and aren’t crazy like me and decided to buy it off Amazon for a big chunk of cash! If you got this far I hope you enjoyed this review and I will catch you next time!


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