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In Which I Spend More Money on Funko Products

With the school year winding down in the next two weeks things have been pretty stressful between wrapping up paperwork, waiting for my last informal observation to happen, and the kids getting antsy. So when it was announced we could leave early I took full advantage and somehow ended up at the mall….whoops?

Honestly I just wanted to see if Hot Topic had the Disney PSH’s in because I want the Aladdin ones super badly and yay they did! I also checked there little bin of loose PSH’s and found Nebula and Yondu so I grabbed them as well. Of course I checked out the POP’s and too my surprise there was a Werewolf Scott McCall! I tried to find Stiles as well but couldn’t so he will be found another day. They also had the Spiderman Dorb from Spiderman: Homecoming and I snatched him up as well two Disney PSH’s. The first bag I opened was Minnie Mouse which I didn’t have yet and then I ended up with my first duplicate with Emperor Zurg.

I then went over to Books-A-Million because I wanted to get the Drax POP and I figured they would have him there. Thankfully they did and I decided to try and feel out Groot in the PSH box and ended up finding him and grabbing a random which turned out to be Taserface (it’s a metaphor LOL). And because PSH’s are my new obsession I grabbed two more Disney bag and got Mowgli and another Buzz Lightyear. I’m not too bummed out that I got two duplicates because odds are I’m going to get more as I try to finish up the set and I know a fellow Funatic who would love them that never gets PSH’s in their area so I’m going to send them on!

Lastly I stopped in BoxLunch and picked up the Rocket Raccoon Dorbz. I almost ended up grabbing a Groot Plushie as well but refrained myself from doing so because I knew I was already spending more money then I should today. So anyways here’s a quick little slideshow of all my pick-ups!

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