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Minnie Mouse and Groot’s Rainy Day at Animal Kingdom!

On Saturday my roomie and I had a rainy day adventure at Animal Kingdom and brought Pint Sized Hero versions of Minnie and Groot along!

To start the day Minnie and Groot decided to go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and enjoy a nice lunch at Sanaa. They had to wait to get there table and ended up seeing some giraffe’s and a cool tortoise that was eating some lunch at one point as well. Once they sat down they ended up ordering some fantastic food that they recommend that everyone gets if they go to Walt Disney World! Scroll through the slideshow to see the giraffe, tortoise, and the awesome drink that they ordered (aka the food I got was so good I forgot to take pictures of Minnie and Groot with the food but did have a fun photoshoot with my martini lol).

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While we were all enjoying ourselves at lunch it started to rain outside which is typical for this time of year in Florida. But since it was slowing down by the time lunch was over Minnie and Groot decided it was time to head over to the park and enjoy the rest of our wet day! First Minnie and Groot saw the Tree of Life and wanted to ride Dinosaur so we headed on over there. Groot was especially excited to ride Dinosaur!

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Then it was time to go on a trip to Mount Everest followed by a very rainy safari ride to wrap up Minnie and Groot’s rainy day at Animal Kingdom!

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