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Some Recent Additions!

Alright folks time to update you all on some recent additions to my Funko collection!

First of all I caved and bought the three Aladdin PSH’s off of E-Bay because I knew I would spent more money trying to find them at Hot Topics if I didn’t. Along with a Mickey PSH and the Beast PSH I got in my care package from my Funko swap I’m almost Disney PSH complete!!!

Mickey, Genie, Jasmine, Aladdin, and the Beast are excited to join their friends!

In the world of POP’s I also bought an Ant-Man from a fellow Funatic for a steal and am super happy to have him in my collection! He joins my Village Belle, as well as my Flying Dumbo and Pluto that I got from the Disney Treasures box. Which I was very happy to have received before I left yesterday to visit my parents.

Ant-Man, Dumbo, Pluto, and Belle are quite the interesting assortment of POP’s!

Lastly with my Disney Treasures box I also received the Woody Mystery Mini!!! He is super adorable and looks great next to my Jack Sparrow. But here he’s hanging out with my new Belle Dorbz also from my Funko care package along with Village Belle from above.

Woody and Belle make a beautiful pair, also hey Star Lord I see you back there!

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