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Disney Treasures Festival of Friends Unboxing!

Alright it’s been almost a week since I unboxed the Festival of Friends box and it’s about time that I actually write about it!

So to start this box was amazing!!!! I definitely liked it more than Pirates Cove because with Pirates Cove while I like the Pirates of the Caribbean, both ride and movies, I’m not the biggest fan especially of Johnny Depp. So I was lukewarm about the mystery mini even though the sculpt is amazing and has some really awesome details that I love.

But anyways now getting into the box you open it up and first thing that we have are of course our patch and our pin. Our patch this month is Piglet which is too adorable! I’m excited to see what they have in store for these patches because there’s apparently a plan for them in place. Then we have our pin this month which is Thumper! I love how everything is in the POP design and that the pin is in the same shape as the first pin.

The Piglet Patch and Thumper pin

Next I pulled out our Mystery Mini for this month and it was Toy Story Mania themed which is one of my favorite rides at Hollywood Studios! Also the Toy Story films are some of my favorite movies of all time. The first two are such a staple of my childhood and the third one came out at the end of my Freshman year of college so I felt like Andy leaving his toys behind. So of course I was super happy to have Woody inside our awesome Mystery Mini tin! Here’s a little slideshow below of each side of the tin with Woody at the very end!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next we have the first POP in the box that Funko released to us when they announced the box and that is the Flying Dumbo with Timothy POP! I haven’t seen Dumbo in years but I remember watching it as a little kid and crying at all the parts where he’s not accepted. I also loved the old school TV show they had on Disney Channel called Dumbo’s Circus! If you’ve never seen it it’s campy and awesome and you should try and find it online somewhere! Anyways I love this POP and think that it’s an awesome new design of an older POP, these flying bases are just awesome!

Dumbo and Timothy are ready for take-off!

Lastly we come to the POP that I was hoping for the most would be in this box and Funko totally pulled through and that’s PLUTO!!! I didn’t think I was going to receive this box before I went on vacation so I watched Funko’s unboxing video and let me tell you I screamed in excitement when I saw that Pluto was in this box! My only wish now is that they make a new mold of Goofy where his eyes aren’t so creepy and a Daisy so we can have the whole Mickey gang!!

Pluto ready to go for a walk with his best pal Mickey!

Overall like I said at the beginning I love everything in this box and think that Funko are just upping their game! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our next box!!


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