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In Which Donald Duck and Peter Pan Visit the Magic Kingdom

Okay…I know I promised this post a really long time ago and I just never got around to writing it. I went to Magic Kingdom with Donald Duck and Peter Pan back three weeks ago now and I just haven’t taken the time to really sit down and write what happened during the day. So follow along with the adventure below the cut!

To start that day of course we had to visit Cinderella’s Castle because what is a visit to Magic Kingdom if you don’t get a photo with the castle? Peter and Donald Duck also wanted to visit the Partners Statue with the man himself Walt Disney! Plus Donald Duck refused to leave the Cinderella’s Castle area without getting a picture with his own statue. Peter was not pleased that there he didn’t have his own statue to visit…but then again he does have his own ride so he was okay eventually.

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Speaking of rides Peter really wanted to ride his own ride so we made our way over to Peter Pan’s Flight and hopped in line once it was also evident that he would not be able to meet his real life counter part that day. Donald Duck decided to take this time to go and visit with Daisy and the rest of the Mickey gang and headed on his way.

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Once Peter was done riding his ride he heard from Tinkerbell that the Lost Boys were acting up so he had to go take care of them and make sure that they weren’t going to get kidnapped by Captain Hook. Donald Duck came back though just in time to ride Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid and “it’s a small world”…he wasn’t too happy when the song from the latter got stuck in his head the rest of the day.

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Finally Peter joined us again and we made one last stop before Donald Duck and Peter Pan needed to go to bed. That stop was to the famous Purple Wall…trust me it’s a thing!



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