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A very Belated POP & Dorbz Update!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately everyone! I haven’t even been busy I’ve just been lazy and hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures of my newest POP’s and Dorbz! So without further ado here’s my update below the cut!

I got back from visiting family at the beginning of the month and I had a few POP’s and Dorbz waiting for me when I did. I was super excited because finally my Chase Reptar, Chase Tommy, and Teenage Groot Pre-Orders had arrived! I had been waiting since April for Reptar and Tommy to come in and was so excited that they finally did. I also had pre-ordered Chuckie so he was finally here as well since he shipped with my Chase Tommy.

A few days after I got back I went over to Hot Topic to use some Hot Cash and see if I could find Launchpad McQuack, Gossalyn Mallard, and Stiles Stilinski. I found Launchpad and Gossalyn pretty quickly but sadly Stiles was not in stock. But they had regular Tommy so I grabbed him as well. I also one day got a message on the Funko boards asking if I still needed the Target Spiderman: Homecoming two pack and since I did they picked one up for me which was super awesome! Then during my SDCC Hunt which I will talk about a little further down I snatched up the new Simba!

Then onto the SDCC hunt day! I was mainly on the hunt for Tigger, Harry Potter with Broom, Luna Lovegood, and the Aladdin Magic Carpet Dorbz ride. I knew my only bet to get the Chip & Dale was to order from FYE’s website since there was not one around me. So my first stop of the day was Barnes & Noble, I got there about 20 minutes after they opened and missed out on Tigger but not Harry Potter.

Then I headed on over to the mall which was right next door to Barnes & Noble and waited outside of Box Lunch until they opened at 10. There were a good few people in front of me in line and I struck up conversation with some nice guys in front of me. Then when the store opened I headed straight for my Aladdin, since I’m pretty short and every person in front of me where tall or bigger guys I had to squeeze a little bit. I asked one guy very nicely if he could grab Aladdin for me but he made a really rude comment and grabbed one and walked away. Thankfully there was someone much nicer that grabbed one and handed him to me. After that I looked to see if they had Stiles but sadly they did not but I did find that Simba so it was a win.

Next I booked it over to Hot Topic in hopes of snatching up a Luna and thankfully there were plenty of her left! I looked there as well to see if Stiles had come in stock but he sadly had not yet. I wanted to ask at the register but it wasn’t my normal clerk who I always have great conversations with and knew I was looking for him so I didn’t. Anyways when I got home I was able to snag BOTH Chip & Dale from FYE and the Tigger from Barnes and Noble online! So I was super happy that I was able to get all the SDCC exclusives that I wanted!!

Chip and Dale, Tigger, Luna, and Harry Potter are quite the fun bunch!

Lastly we come to the Dorbz and with the announcement that Aladdin was going to be an SDCC Exclusive I jumped on ordering Jasmine, Rajah, and the Genie off of Amazon while I was away. Minus Jafar and regular sized Abu, which I don’t want either of those anyways, I had my complete little Aladdin collection! Now if only we could get an Aladdin POP!

Jasmine, Aladdin, mini Abu, Rajah, and Genie are all happy to join the Dorbz collection!

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