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I Swear I Can Stop Buying Funko Products Whenever I Want!

I should never have gotten an Ebay account but oh well! Elsa & Olaf came today which I was very surprised about because I didn’t expect them to get here until Tuesday! I was expecting my GITD Baymax Dorbz though and am super happy that he’s finally here! Now I just need to finally paint this crate and buy another one and I’ll have more shelving for my POPs! The Dorbz are still good with living on top of my bookcase with my TV and DVD player!

Also tomorrow will be the first Saturday I’ve had in a while that I don’t have any big plans so be on the lookout for my gallery updates. Mainly the Disney, PSH, & Dorbz ones!

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A Very Adorbzable Mail Call!

Was able to snatch up the Hot Topic Exclusive Metallic Yondu last week when he went on sale and decided if I was going to have Yondu I should have the Hot Topic Groot Dorbz as well so I bought him off Ebay and they both arrived within days of each other! Super happy to have these two in my slowly growing Dorbz collection!

New best buddies Yondu and Groot!